Helios Social Enterprise

Projects are structured as Social Enterprises.

The social enterprises are local companies, with financial structures and business plans which generate a “social surplus” so as to allow for continued sustainable operations.  

At the early-stage of a project’s life, certain transparent, targeted subsidies are required for for start-up and capital costs to make the energy affordable to end-users in poor communities;  however, with replication and scale-up, projects can be developed without such support.

The specifics will vary depending on country and market environments, but in principle Helios SE will hold an equity interest and develop and operate each social enterprises.

Stakeholders will have a sense of genuine interest in the success of the enterprise as:-

  • local farms, agricultural enterprises, and other small-scale enterprises will benefit from access to modern energy; and
  • a proportion of the surplus will be distributed to shareholders, staff and/or members to provide incentives for efficiency and good performance.