Helios Social Enterprise

We assist in the development of energy access projects – household solutions, village solutions, and mini-gridsĀ  – that provide electricity from renewable sources and/or bio-diesel.

In particular we:

  • Act as a catalyst, taking the lead in the establishment and driving early development of each project.
  • Prepare Business Plans. These will include an assessment of the technology options, capital requirements (in the form of equity, loans and/or grants), governance and management structures (such that all relevant stakeholders have a sense of genuine interest in the success of the enterprise), staffing requirements, the potential to provide a return on capital and achieve viability at the operating level, and capacity building.
  • Facilitate access to supply chains for capital equipment and materials including the development of Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts.
  • Take a strong nurturing role in developing the management capacity of the project and its key stakeholders such that each project is managed on a proper business basis, with the objective of achieving early, and then maintaining, economic viability at the operating level.
  • Take an equity stake in projects (which would be phased out over time as the projects become sustainable).
  • Provide other finance on a fully transparent basis in the form of debt and/or grants.