Helios Social Enterprise

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world; UNDP ranks Malawi 171 out of 187 countries in terms of Human Development, and the average per capita income is approximately $180/day (World Bank 2009). 80% of people live in rural areas and are dependent on agriculture.

Malawi also has one of the highest levels of energy poverty in Africa. Less than 10% of all households, and only about 1% of rural households have access to electricity.  Most people continue to use traditional fuels (such as wood and charcoal) for cooking, making deforestation a significant issue.

Helios SE worked as a member of the POWERFUL Group to improve access to energy in Malawi through its Energy Access Accelerator (EA2) programme.  Helios SE brought its specific expertise in the development of sustainable mini-grids to support the EA2 programme.