Helios Social Enterprise

Kilombero Energy Social Enterprise (K-ESE) is a project to provide electricity to low-income communities in the Kilombero District of the Morogoro Region of Tanzania, situated between the Eastern Arc range of mountains on the west and the Kilombero River on the east.   This is a rural part of Tanzania, dependent on subsistence farming (mainly rice and maize).   There is currently no access to electricity and both the national Rural Energy Agency and the regional development agency  support the development of a mini-grid for this region.

K-ESE will build a distribution grid to connect 11 villages, covering a geographical area of 250 km2, with a population of some 55,000.  It is anticipated that connections to the mini-grid will initially total over 1,200 dwellings, 360 established local commercial enterprises and facilities such as water pumps, grain mills, saw mills, shops and tea houses, and 200 public loads such as schools and healthcare facilities.  The availability of electricity from the mini-grid will boost existing agricultural and other local businesses, and stimulate new enterprises, and it is thus anticipated that the take-up will increase further over time.

The project will also provide energy kiosks for charging of batteries and other operative tasks, thus providing more reliable and cleaner energy for those unable, or too poor, to connect to the mini-grid.