Helios Social Enterprise

Helios Social Enterprise has completed the permitting of its first Clean Energy Mini-Grid Cluster which will provide electricity for 11 rural communities in Linde and Ruvuma Regions, located in southern Tanzania.

The Project serves a population of some 20,000 by way of:-

A Clean Energy Mini-Grid 

A village-scale array of up to 300 m2 of solar panels, supported 3 meters above ground level, provides power to a 400V 3-phase/240V single-phase overhead distribution network in each village, providing the energy needs of rural households (~3-4 kWh / mo.) for 3 LED lights, a radio and mobile phone charging, as well as the energy needs of small businesses, small-scale agricultural processing, and public building such as schools and health facilities.

A central PV system is more robust and requires less maintenance than multiple solar household systems.  It also allows for future extension (to meet increased power demand).

An Energy Kiosk

An Energy Kiosk allows for battery-charging for households too far from the Mini-Grid to connect.

The Project thus meets household energy needs of poor rural villagers, and also facilitates local agriculture, livestock rearing, and fishing, thus significantly improving the income earning capacity of the rural villagers.